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Act! is Still the One

World's #1 Best-Selling Contact & Customer Manager

Why choose Act! over the manual methods you have outgrown, or over other CRM solutions? A number of reasons, but first, you should know that Act! is the proven market leader with 3 million fanatical users worldwide. In fact, it’s the #1 selling Contact and Customer Manager, and has been for over 30+ years.
The reasons are simple. It's easy to learn, easy to customize, and easy to start using right away. Employers love it because new sales people often have some experience with Act!, and can hit the ground running when they join the team. 

  • Act! provides proven CRM and powerful Marketing Automation in one, equipping you with an affordable sales and marketing platform to grow your business.
  • Act! makes it easy to seamlessly move your customer information from your current CRM solution with ease.
  • Act! offers a variety of deployments, including Cloud, self-hosted, and hybrid options.
  • Act! is always accessible via your laptop, tablet, or mobile device, whether you’re online or offline.
  • Act! is highly flexible, enabling you to tailor Act! to suit your unique business and industry needs exactly.
  • Act! equips you with valuable membership benefits, including the latest product updates, expert technical support, and connections to hundreds of apps.
  • Act! is always evolving, delivering innovative solutions throughout the year to advance your success.

Get it together

Think of Act! as your business ‘command center’, giving you control to quickly tap into all relationship details, seamlessly interact with productivity and social tools you rely on every day, and leverage integrated emarketing services1 that take the guesswork out of when, where, and how to engage with prospects and customers – all from within Act!.

Seamlessly interact with the business and social tools you rely on – like Office, Outlook®, Google™, Facebook®, and LinkedIn® – conveniently, right from within Act!.  Act! tools extend the power and possibilities of what Act! can do for you, and integration with popular accounting solutions2 provides visibility to payment status, open quotes, and sales orders for a holistic customer view.

Marketing = Selling

Integrated emarketing1 services enable you to easily segment your prospects and customers, then design, send, and track professional, eye-catching email campaigns that reach the right customers with the right message.  Intelligent call lists automatically recommend hot leads to follow up with to generate sales.

Selling effectively depends on everything related to your contacts and calendar being in one organized place – including phone numbers, emails, meeting notes, to-dos, and documents – for everyone you do business with.  With Act!, you’re informed and prepared for every interaction with your customers, both in the office and on popular mobile devices.3  Automating best practice processes within Act! ensures you have more time to focus on growing your business and delighting your customers.

Still the one

Act! is the #1 best-selling Contact & Customer Manager, trusted by individuals, small businesses, and sales teams for over 25 years, because it’s purpose-built to meet your unique, evolving needs.  Act! helps organize all your prospect and customer details in one place and market your products and services more effectively, driving sales results while creating customers for life.

Affordable and easy to use, Act! is the trusted choice for individuals, small businesses, and sales teams looking for a simple solution that fits perfectly between the chaos of sticky notes and spreadsheets, and the expense and complexity of CRM systems.

1 Additional subscription required after 30-day Free Trial. | 2 Requires the Act! SDK and additional professional services or a third-party add-on product. | 3 Mobile requires additional subscription to Handheld Contact Act! for Act! Pro users.

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