Act! Certified Services


Choose an ACT! Implementation Partner

to get the most out of your ACT! investment

Spending hundreds of dollars per year for each license and then declining help on how to use it, is like governing a car engine to ensure you never go too far or too fast.

As any experienced user will tell you, Act! is not a retail product, it is advanced CRM software, and to avoid using it like a glorified Rolodex (something else we hear everyday), you have to learn the program to have it suit your business needs. 

That’s where Act! Consultants come in, and in Canada we have some of the finest. Act! Consultants can help you avoid false starts, safeguard your deployment with proper security, train your staff, and generally keep you on the road to productivity.


Some of our Canadian ACT! Certified Services include:

  • Developing a deployment strategy to best suit your business and team, whether it be shared network access, remote syncing, web based, or a combination of these.
  • Onsite and remote installation & configuration for workstations or network wide
  • Act Training onsite, web based, or within their facilities.
  • Data Conversion / Import from Excel, Dbase, Outlook, MS Access, Goldmine, etc.
  • Database customization, design, and planning
  • Effective Security Policy to safeguard your data from accidental deletions or intentional theft.
  • Consulting on 3rd party integration for synchronization, accounting, data conversion, reporting, etc.
  • Act! has one of the largest “add-on” markets to help you get the most out of your CRM investment. View our website for a directory of available tools.

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